Five Important Benefits of ISO Certification in Common

Five Important Benefits of ISO Certification in Common

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international, non-governmental, and independent organization that works to ensure the quality of products, goods, and services. ISO certification helps a business owner to prove the efficiency and credibility of the business. There are several certifications in ISO, but the real challenge is to choose what works best for your business. Five Important Benefits of ISO Certification in Common

 The various types of ISO Certification and their benefits are as follows.

·      ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a set of international standards that helps meet the statutory and regulatory requirements of consumers or stakeholders following the Quality Management System (QMS).

·      ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a family of standards that help organizations and businesses minimize the negative impact of their operations on the environment. It specifies certain requirements to comply with Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

·      ISO 17025

ISO 17025 outlines the calibration techniques and skills required by the employees with an aim to improve testing operations and laboratories. The set of requirements is usually framed to show that the operating system is efficient and improving. An Internal Audit is required for this type of certification to be done.

·      ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is an international quality management system to ensure sanitary conditions in a food production business. This system is a combination of ISO 9001 and HACCP conditions. The standard covers several processes such as personal hygiene and handling of controlling points (HACCP). Any part of the food production process including packaging and suppliance can get this type of ISO certification. 

·      ISO 26000

ISO 26000 unlike other certifications is guidance on social responsibility. It is a collection of guides that focuses on community responsibility, labour conditions, and environmental responsibilities as well.

Five Important Benefits of ISO Certification in Common:

1. Identifying Opportunities and Risks

Identifying problems and preventing them from happening in the first place is the best way to avoid risks. This risk-based thinking based on ISO 9001certification (Quality managed systems) helps us identify risks earlier and prevent them while identifying opportunities to take advantage of them.

2. Boost in Marketing and Sales

An Internationally recognized standard Quality Management system will certainly help your business sales. Marketing using ISO Standards is a great way to attract customers and it might lead to an entry into foreign markets.

3. Preventing problems from Recurring

Following a standard procedure leads to the collection of data and recording it efficiently which ultimately helps in identifying a pattern of problems and solve them.

4. Boosting Employee Morale

Employees work better when they know that their company is committed to quality products and systems also while employed in eliminating minimum wastes. With better Quality Management Systems, Employees work under great morale.

5. Judging the Effectiveness of Ideas

ISO requires you to monitor and analyze performance based on ideas. In such cases, a performance metric can be developed to analyze the effectiveness of ideas which helps in making well-informed management decisions. 

We, at Qzeal, help you to file an ISO certification based on your business type and preference which leads you to have a better functioning management system and business process.

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