Lead Auditor Training

ISMS ISO 27001:2013

ISMS ISO 27001:2013

Lead Auditor Training

Qzeal Management Systems LLP offers a comprehensive ISMS 27001 Lead Auditor course for professionals seeking to establish conformity with ISO 27001 and under ISO/IEC 27002, ISO 19011, and ISO/IEC 17021. The course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to plan, conduct, report, and follow up on an audit of an ISMS. IRCA approves the course and runs for five days, with a 2-hour closed book exam on the final day (pass mark 70%).

Who Should Attend the Course?

The ISMS 27001 Lead Auditor course is ideal for Project Managers, Engineers, Professionals in Information Security Field, Technical Experts, Document Controllers, Internal Auditors, Implementation Managers in the IT field, IT Consultants, Management System / ISO / Consultants, Students, and Job seekers in Information Technology / Abroad Placements / Career Development.  

Prerequisites for the Course

Prerequisites for the ISMS 27001 Lead Auditor course include:  

  • An accurate understanding of information security management concepts.  
  • Experience in conducting internal audits or managing an ISMS.  
  • Basic understanding of ISO 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 standards.  
  • Familiarity with risk assessment methodologies.  
  • Knowledge of applicable legal and regulatory requirements related to information security.  
  • Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of top management in information security management.  

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SO 27001 Lead Auditor Course Content

The course content includes the following topics: 


The course covers the following topics:  

  • Awareness of the need for information security  
  • Assignment of responsibility for information security  
  • Incorporating management commitment and the interests of stakeholders  
  • Enhancing societal values  
  • Using the results of risk assessments to determine appropriate controls to reach acceptable levels of risk  
  • Incorporating security as an essential element of information networks and systems  
  • Active prevention and detection of information security incidents  
  • Ensuring a comprehensive approach to information security management  
  • Continual reassessment of information security and the making of modifications as appropriate 

At Qzeal Management Systems LLP, we are committed to providing high-quality training and certification services to help organizations achieve their ISO certification and accreditation goals. Contact us for any queries or clarification regarding the ISMS 27001 Lead Auditor course.  

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