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ISO 22301:2019

Welcome to Qzeal ISO Certifications, your reliable partner in providing world-class ISO certification services in Chennai. We proudly offer our customers ISO 22301:2019 certification, an international standard specifying the requirements for a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).  

At Qzeal ISO Certifications, we understand the importance of ISO 22301:2019 certification for your organization.

That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve certification, including:  

Gap Analysis 

Our expert consultants will work with you to thoroughly review your existing Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) to identify any gaps or non-conformities between your current practices and the requirements of ISO 22301:2019.  

Consultants will assess your current BCMS documentation, processes, and procedures against the ISO 22301:2019 requirements and identify areas where you need to make improvements or modifications. Our Gap Analysis report will highlight the gaps and provide recommendations on addressing them.  


Our team of experienced consultants will work closely with your organization to help you create or update your BCMS documentation to comply with the requirements of ISO 22301:2019. We will start by thoroughly reviewing your existing documentation and identifying any gaps that need to be addressed.  

Based on our findings, we will work with you to create new policies, procedures, and records that align with the requirements of ISO 22301:2019. We will also ensure that the documentation is easy to understand and use so that your employees can effectively implement and maintain the BCMS.  


Our training programs are designed to cater to your organization’s unique needs, and we can deliver them onsite or remotely, depending on your preference. We believe in making training interactive, engaging, and relevant to your employees’ roles and responsibilities.   

Our experienced trainers will use real-life examples and case studies to help your employees understand the practical applications of ISO 22301:2019 and how to implement them in their daily work. During our training programs, your employees will learn about the different components of a BCMS, including risk assessment, business impact analysis, business continuity strategies, and crisis management.  

Internal audit 

Our auditors will examine your BCMS documentation, policies, and procedures to assess whether they meet the requirements of ISO 22301:2019. They will also interview your employees to evaluate how your BCMS is implemented in practice and identify any gaps or areas for improvement.  

We will provide you with a comprehensive internal audit report that outlines their findings, recommendations, and opportunities for improvement. This report will help you identify areas where you need to improve your BCMS to comply with the ISO 22301:2019 standard fully.  

Certification Audit  

Our team of experts will help you prepare for the certification audit by conducting a pre-audit, identifying areas that need improvement, and providing recommendations to ensure that your BCMS meets the standard’s requirements.  

During the certification audit, the auditor will review your BCMS documentation, interview key personnel, and conduct a site visit to ensure that your BCMS operates effectively and complies with the ISO 22301:2019 standard.  

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your BCMS meets all the standard requirements and that you are fully prepared for the certification audit. Once you have successfully passed the certification audit, you will be awarded the certification.  

At Qzeal ISO Certifications, we are committed to delivering high-quality services and helping our clients achieve their certification goals. Our team of experienced consultants has a proven track record of helping organizations across various industries to achieve ISO certification. Contact us today to learn more about our ISO 22301:2019 certification services and take the first step towards ensuring your organization’s business continuity. 

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