ISO 9001:2015 – Why Quality Management is important for an organization?

Why Quality Management is important for an organization

International Standard for Organization is a standard certification from a body of Independent, non-governmental standard organization that helps in regulating business processes and Quality management systems. Certification from ISO will help you in facing pressing concerns in the industry. Obtaining an ISO certification is quite tiresome involving an investment of time, money, and effort but it will reap goodwill and credibility among your customers.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification aims to improve business effectiveness by Analysing and improving different areas of business utilizing the controls of Quality Management Systems (QMS). This is a set of procedures that identifies and documents complicated procedures and receives approval for it. It will help you in managing the work system efficiently utilizing the drafted documents. The aim should be to provide a work process that is the most suitable for the organization. 

Training Employees through the process and providing them full knowledge of the system plays a crucial role in implementing the standard. An Employee works better and efficiently when he feels informed about the processes carried out in the organization.  Implementing a strong system of ISO 9001:2015 will help you analyse and improvise areas of business that might need improvement. This ultimately leads to increased production and customer satisfaction. By doing so, A business will have a sound foundation tempting enough to attract new customers while retaining usual customers.  

A list of improvements that can be lead from ISO 9001:2015 certifications is

  1. Better Internal organization and management
  2. Boost in new Client acquisition
  3. Efficient existing clients management
  4. Improved Production
  5. Reduced Costs
  6. Employee satisfaction
  7. Increase in sales and profit
  8. Easier to acquire other ISO Certifications
  9. Attracts Foreign Investments
  10. Efficient use of products leading to minimize wastage
  11. Consistent measuring and monitoring of the process
  12. making room for constant improvement and development 
  13. Matching the global standard for the organization
  14. Accreditation from International Organisation 
  15. Facilitates Collaboration in Business

Why do customers prefer organizations with ISO 9001:2015 Certification?

While some customers feel that it is certainly good to work with an organization having a global standard certification, others might prioritize working with certified organizations. The customers generally feel a sense of credibility from accredited institutions with the knowledge that the organization’s systems are constantly evaluated and improved.

At the point when services and products satisfy International Standards, customers have assurance  that they are reliable, dependable and of good quality. ISO 9001 quality management implies that the entirety of an organization’s process (Deals, Customer Support Service, Investment, Product Improvement) are inspected every year to guarantee that they are offering the best service quality.

Some of the facts that establish ISO 9001:2015 certified organizations are customer-centric as listed below:

1. Supplying Quality products and services

2. Organized scheduling and delivery

3. More reliable customer services

4. Maintaining standards through constant assessment

5. Better communication and reporting, which in turn leads to low mistakes.

6. Businesses with Industrial Standards like ISO are opportune in landing Government Contracts.

It is necessary to engage an authentic ISO Consultant who can understand your business model and process ISO audit and Certification seamlessly. You can avoid the risks and costs involved in starting down the wrong path by hiring an external consultant. ISO Certification is a long process that might take from 8 to 12 months. It is essential to hire a legal consultant who is ready to take the long path down with you. We at Qzeal help business owners throughout the process of registration of ISO Certification in India.

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