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ISO 10002:2014 provides guidance on the process of complaints handling related to products within an organization, including planning, design, operation, maintenance, and improvement. The complaints handling process described is suitable for use as one of the processes of an overall quality management system. ISO 10002:2014 is not applicable to disputes referred for resolution outside the organization or for employment related disputes. It is also intended for use by organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. Customers always expect more and more from the service you provide. And your competitors are working harder to meet those expectations. You can too with ISO 10002, the international standard for customer satisfaction. ISO 10002 provides you with guidelines for putting in place your own complaints management system which helps you to identify complaints, their cause and how to eliminate them. ISO 10002 will also allow you to identify areas in your business where you can improve and eventually remove the cause of complaints. The ISO 10002 standard outlines management controls and processes that help you to handle customer complaints more effectively and efficiently making sure that more customers are satisfied with the service you provide.


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